Matts Package

matT'S DRAINS package

Besides MASTAR our programming company.. there's always something that needs to get done, problems to solve, run my business.  Thirty plus years experiences, templates, we can easily create modify share ours with help you. 

My favorite often used tools;

  • Filemaker a rapid application development
  • Freehand vector graphics
  • Corel Draw vector graphics
  • PhotoShop editing
  • Camtasia  video & audio timeline editing
  • PowerPoint timelines
  • Web development tools

.. and 30 years experience, other tricks getting things done 

Simple Professional Websites that you control.. and we support you 100% by Remote Software.

Web Builder + Marketing






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Generic GoDaddy

Prior to our current hosting, we used WebPress

 + SSL certificates

 + Themes

 + API

 + updates    .. just more complication that I want to deal with. 

Then should I need some support from experience user.

WordPress, these other web builders are  just that.. more complicated and for what that means.

For myself, life is so better now, all my sites look feel better too!

Go-daddy offers all inclusive + Web builder + Marketing  + SEO

and I can quickly change a theme, do any editing, publish instantly.

Not to count 30 years remote support & tech experience