Advertising must present a clean clear image,  video is becoming..

CLICK THIS GREEN link dozens of rendered TRAIL templates

CLICK this red link    ..go to Facebook example my own video ads

Click this BLUE link  ..several video’s, 900+ templates to choose



We mostly have used text and images, then started using some of my own videos, they take time, practice, hard being a expert, if not your forte doing it every day, its learning process, and sometimes we need to hire.

Here’s a great tool I found recently, a way to creating video ads  fast, cheap, profession that grabs your attention. We’ve found, and sharing with you, a fantastic library of  templates.  Simply, we put your logo, images, color options, answer audio y/n, then preview and render, returning a MP4 finished format.

Then we could additionally import this video to a editing timeline, and do more, real cool!

The above blue kink,  the video template software doesn’t allow great previewing unless using the application.    So we have video recorded it, you may preview the many templates is a slow process for now.
We have rendered several our favorites, there’s 900+ templates, we joined their membership program Rendering Service.

Preview my samples most were experimenting getting familiar.. one thing is we need High definition images 2048×2048 pixels

I can do some PhotoShop for touch up, etc
I use old Freedhand for vector graphic editor, logos, business
I use Camtasia for video editing
I use MS Presentation for building storyline
I use natural Speaker for AI speaker
And I use other resources and tools for..
I have created most anything running my own businesses
Sometimes, I hire it out, manage the project